Tree feeding

Compost Cycle

All Natural Deep Root Feeding Injections

Pressure injected with Worm Wine™, an all natural liquid compost, which is derived from nutrient-packed worm castings.

The Worm Wine™ is mixed with non-chlorinated water, insuring a chemical-free feeding.

Great for boosting the immunity of your trees, as well as aerating the soil.

Root feeding allows roots to get a direct source of nutrients that could otherwise be absorbed by surface layers, such as grass.

The microorganisms and nutrients in Worm Wine™ work to restore Nature’s intended balance.

We inject every 3′ starting from the base of the tree extending to the edges of the canopy.

Tree roots should be fed twice a year.


Spring / Fall deep root injections:

$100.00 for the 1st tree

$25.00 for each additional tree

(within the same visit)