Tree feeding

Compost Cycle

All Natural Deep Root Feeding Injections

Pressure injected with Lindsey’s Mix, an all natural liquid compost, which is derived from nutrient-packed worm castings, fish emulsion, molasses,  and an all natural root stimulator.

The Lindsey’s Mix is blended with non-chlorinated water, insuring a chemical-free feeding. 100% safe for kids and pets!

Great for boosting the immunity of your trees, as well as aerating the soil.

Root feeding allows the tree to get a direct source of nutrients that could otherwise be absorbed by surface layers, such as grass.

The microorganisms and nutrients in Lindsey’s Mix work to restore Nature’s intended balance and increases nutrient and water uptake.

We inject every 3′ starting from the base of the tree extending to the edges of the canopy.

Feeding your trees Spring and Fall promotes seasonal growth and boost their natural defenses against weather extremes and diseases.


Spring / Fall deep root injections:

$100.00 for the 1st tree

$25.00 for each additional tree

(within the same visit)

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